Rozinco antimicrobial treatments can be easily and cost effectively applied to textiles & fabrics at any stage of the production process, without effecting the inherent characteristics of the fibre. In addition to being added into the material itself, our antimicrobial additives can also be applied to any textiles as a tropical or finishing treatment.

Rozinco antimicrobial additives are suitable for addition to both synthetic and natural fibres including:
– Polypropylene (PE)
– Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
– Nylon (PA)
– Wool
– Cotton
– Silk

Rozinco inbuilt protection means fabrics benefiting from our antimicrobial treatments are less susceptible to staining, bad odours and degradation. Rozinco maintain high levels of antibacterial performance for fabric’s expected lifetime, making them ideal for sportswear, hospital scrubs, non-wovens, bedding, technical fabrics, workwear and a range of other textile products.